Yoshida Dormitory is a space for all of us

Notes to visitors

We want Yoshida Dormitory to be a place open to everyone.

However, we must remember that it is also a home where many students live out their daily lives.

So as to make the experience of both visitors and residents more comfortable, please abide by the points written below.


Visitors who wish to do a tour of our dorm simply need to inform a resident when they enter the reception.

Please be respectful when using your camera.

(Even if you are not actually taking a photo, some of our residents feel uncomfortable when a camera lens is aimed at them without their permission).


Please make sure that our residents do not appear in photos (this includes residents’ backs, arms etc.)

Please do not take photos of:

Anything that contains personal information (for example, any object with a name written on it such as a door, a piece of luggage or letters and parcels)

Any of our residents’ personal belongings (such as laundry, bags and other private items)

Any item which contains information about the dormitory (such as leaflets on the walls etc.)

Registration plates of cars and motorbikes

Please be careful when taking photos of animals in the area of our dorm (they are pets belonging to our residents)

*If you talk in person with our residents and get their approval to take photos of their personal items etc. then the above rules do not apply*

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