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Yoshida dormitory is a 105-year-old wooden dormitory in the town of Kyoto. 

Yoshida dormitory is a self-governing dormitory of Kyoto University.

Its students are full of personality and each live life in their own unique way. 

This year, a notice came from the university telling all Yoshida students to leave the dorm by the end of September. 

Will Yoshida Dormitory’s long and colourful history finally come to an end?

Will the dorm’s culture of acceptance and individuality die out?

We don’t know what will happen in the future.

But for now, please enter our website and discover more about the atmosphere and goings on of this unique place. 

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Photo Exhibition Yoshida Dormitory Let’s keep Yoshida running for hundreds of years to come!
What kind of place is Yoshida Dormitory?

Yoshida Dormitory Information

Yoshida Dormitory is a home where many students live out their daily lives.

When visitors arrive at the dorm and begin taking photos of our residents without their permission, it makes many of them feel uncomfortable.

Please click on the link and read this page if you are interested in visiting and exploring our dorm. Thanks so much for your cooperation! 

Important information for people wanting to visit Yoshida Dormitory!

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​「People involved with Yoshida Dormitory」

See Yoshida Dormitory from the perspective of a range of different people! 

Interviews done by the

website editor!

Interviews that will reveal the many quirks and charms of Yoshida Dormitory.


Yoshida dormitory is a home to more than just students.

There are also many creatures living the dorm’s garden that call Yoshida home.

Take a peek into the lives of these creatures and discover a whole new side of Yoshida Dormitory. 

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The secret life

of the creatures

of Yoshida Dormitory

– a history

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Subway: 10 minutes’ walk from Jingumarutamaci Statoin

Kyoto city bus: Number 206 – cross the road from the stop at Konoedori

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